The Fashion And Apparel Industry Essay examples

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The fashion and apparel industry includes many aspects and fields of work. Many people perceive fashion industry as very easy and all glamor, but it is actually very stressful and requires a lot of hard work. As more products become branded, the demand for owning the newest trends increases. This desire inspires young people everywhere to create their own collection of clothing, which allows more room for opportunities as well as more competition. Entering the world of fashion is a journey filled with rejection and hours of hard work. Success in the fashion industry is attainable through understanding the business aspects as well as gaining experience.

It is not common for students of fashion to graduate and enter the industry immediately upon graduation. Most graduates or aspiring designers step into the apparel world by working for another designer or brand to gain experience and understand how the business works. Even world famous musician, Kanye West, had to start from the bottom of the fashion industry before partnering with Adidas to create his brand, Yeezy. Due to a lack of experience in the field, West started out as an intern at Fendi instead of stepping in and immediately constructing products. In an interview with HOT 97, he explains how he had tasks such as running coffee orders. It did not take much time before he quit. However, his experience at Fendi allowed him to score greater opportunities with brands such as BAPE, Nike, and Adidas. His music career and…

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