The Farming Of Marine Species Essay

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Imagine for a second what fortunate events have transpired for us to be here today. Luck with regards to our ancestor’s chances of reproduction, hunting, and even to engineering their own successes via technologies such as farming. With much focus concentrated on terrestrial crop production and raising mammals, humans eventually incorporated the farming of aquatic organisms as well. Going from being a hunter-gatherer and farmer of land, to a hunter gatherer of the sea was a rather substantial milestone in the history of food sourcing. Growing fish for food, rather than relying solely on organic wild stocks of many marine species allows for a more controlled food production method. Ultimately, it was this innovation which allowed for the allocation of food resources in early civilization’s growing populations. Collectively, this process of growing and harvesting marine organisms became known as aquaculture. Aquaculture or the farming of marine species, ranging from organisms as small as mollusk to the largest of tuna, is used today to feed over 3 billion people.(cite) According to Dr. Herminio Rabanal, a lifelong field expert and researcher on the history and applications of aquaculture, there is evidence in Chinese writing suggesting that aquaculture originated in China over 2,500-3,000 years ago, circa 1200 BCE (Rebanal). Of course, it is evident that the population of the world is much higher now than it was then. Aquaculture remains one of the more viable systems…

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