The Farming Of Bones Analysis

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In the novel The Farming of Bones, by Edwidge Danticat, the reader follows the life of a Haitian servant named Amabelle. At a young age, Amabelle lost her parents and was taken in by a Dominican man named Don Ignacio and his daughter Señora Valencia. Amabelle and Señora Valencia quickly bonded and became as close as sisters even though Amabelle works for the señora. After Amabelle helps Señora Valencia deliver her children, their lives have a significant shift. Señora Valencia and Señor Pico have very different reactions to the arrival of their children. The motif of babies/children and mothers/fathers represents a theme for new hardships and connections between parents and children.
Señora Valencia excitedly awaits the arrival of her children.
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This was the case for the birth of the twins. First, Rafi was born. As Señora Valencia was attempting to give birth, “...the baby stopped coming forward and lay at the near end of her birth canal, as though it had suddenly changed its mind and decided not to leave” (8). This sudden stop in Rafi’s arrival to the world foreshadows his death soon after birth. It is as though he knows what will happen to him and is trying to go back to a safe place. That is not possible for him and the señora’s, “... forehead creased with anticipation. She tightened every muscle and propelled the child's shoulders forward. The infant's body fell into my arms, covering my house apron with blood”(9). This quote uses the literary device of imagery. It shows how much work was put into the birth of Rafi. The fact that Rafi falls into Amabelle’s arms signifies how he is weak and can not help himself. Right after Rafi is born, Amabelle notices there is another child waiting to be born. Señora Valencia pushes out her second child and Amabelle catches the child: “A little girl gasped for breath, a thin brown veil, like layers of spiderwebs, covering her face. The umbilical cord had curled itself in a bloody wreath around her neck, encircling every inch between her chin and shoulders”(10). This is describing Rosalinda right after her birth. She was a surprise and had a much

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