Essay on The Fantasticks

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Upon my arrival to the ticket booth, I wasn't quite sure what musical I would be watching. Then I stumbled over The Fantasticks, which currently the number one with most off Broadway performances. It was first premiered in 1960, and it was able to have been going on since that long, something about had to be good. I wasn't quite clear what to expect, but just something different. The auditorium had, give or take, 200 seats. After settling down, I opened my program booklet for an overture about the musical. Book and lyrics were by Tom Jones. Music was by Harvey Schmidt. It was also directed by Tom Jones, and the original production stage was by Word Baker. The Fantasticks was about a boy (Matt) and a girl (Luisa) who are in love, but …show more content…
Their love is back, and they are able to stand each other. The Musical end with, "Try to remember", which is the same piece the musical started off with. This gives us the same feeling of joy, as we entered, and no as we leave. The music and dialogue are well balanced, however important scenes are sang. Scenes that will affect the cast members are sung. Fight scenes are danced, and arguments are sung. The orchestra was important to the this musical. They are the ones that set the mood. The faster or slower they play gives us an idea on what we'll be expecting. Few moments, the actors actually interact with the orchestra making it different from other musicals. The show itself, might have been done by the actors, but revolved around the orchestra. Talking about the show as a whole, one can argue that an issue of race is in play. For Matt to feel like a "man", to his women, he felt it was obligatory to save her. When he found out he didn't, he was crushed. The manhood in him left. This is because of stereotypes, saying if a man can't fight for his lady, he isn't a man. I really enjoyed the musical. It was something different that I never done before, and I feel like doing it again. The interactions between the cast members and the audience throughout the show made it that much better. It brought humor, and kept the audience awake. The light affects also was a huge thumbs up. They definitely

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