The Fandom Fighting : A Textual Interpretation Essay

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This study focuses on the fandom fighting to legitimise and de-legitimise a textual interpretation that envisions a potential romantic resolution between a female protagonist and male antagonist. At times, this has required drawing on a wide variety of literature, and this section will address necessary theoretical frameworks and definitions. Most key topics fall within the field of media studies, such as media representation, fans and fan-related issues of identity and hierarchy. There is also many media studies discussing gendered portrayals of women, and romanticised violent/controlling behaviour in popular media texts, though at times this has crossed-over to the field of cultural studies/sociology.

Despite everyone knowing what a fan is, defining ‘fan’ and ‘fandom’ is still not a uniform matter (Hills 2002: VIII).[Fans can engage in a wide range of activities and practices in a range of different spaces, but categorising by degree of participation also risks leaving out less participatory fans (Zubernis and Larsen 2012: 9).] Emotional intensity, for instance, is a predominant characteristic in defining the figure of the fan, however those that appear casual viewers can self-identify as fans (Sandvoss 2005: 6), and anti-fans too, in their hate or dislike, can hold investment in a text (Gray 2005).[ Sandvoss defines fandom as the regular, emotionally involved consumption of a given popular narrative or text (2005: 8)] While John Fiske associates fandom with “the cultural…

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