The Famous Quote Of Dr. Seuss Essay

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Every human beings life commence the moment they are born into this world with only one know fact for certain: humans are only given one chance at life. Human beings only have one life. For this very reason, the famous quote of Dr. Seuss, "Be who you are and say what you mean because those who mind don 't matter and those who matter don 't mind," come to mind. There are numerous contributions, such as families, friends, dreams, and haters, which allow them to live their life to the utmost. There are people in a human being 's life that don 't mind when he or she is acting like his or herself; in fact, they even encourage such a liberating lifestyle. Such people would be called Family. Sadly, not all family members can be considered a supportive person that matters greatly in an individual 's life. Fortunately, for those who have treasured family members- the ones that cherish the blood ties among one another- who don 't mind if an individual is quite eccentric or wound up a bit too tightly can be considered tremendously blessed. These members just want what 's best for their family. They could be the mother who applauds and congratulates their dirt-covered, exuberant little daughter holding a toad in her muddy hands and claiming that she had just saved him from drowning in the ditch. Her reason being that she desires to be a veterinarian and save every single animal when she grows older. They could be the fathers who cheers on their nervous little boy at his first karate…

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