Essay on The Family Unit : An Important Parts Of Society Today

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One of the most important parts of society today is the family unit. Each family unit is different in the way that it is structured and the way that it is comprised. People come from different cultures and backgrounds whether they financial, religious, and racial or ethnicity differences it does not matter, they will make a different impact within the individual family unit. While taking two people from two different backgrounds and placing them together within a marriage can create a variety of issues that cause conflict and strain on the couple’s relationship, it is important to note that there are many steps that can be taken to build and cultivate the bond, that is their relationship, to make it a warm, wholesome entity that can make them work as one throughout the remainder of their life. Once the couple has decided to bring a child, or children, into their relationship it gives each of them immense amounts of responsibility in their individual role to use their wholesome relationship to rear the child to live a productive meaningful life so that they too can, one day, join in the union of a family relationship with the partner of their choice. It is a cycle that repeats itself giving each family unit a try to make it as perfect as possible. While it is not possible to make the perfect family, it is possible to make the relationship strong enough that it does not fail and the most prominent memories for all in that relationship positive, wholesome memories. Many…

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