The Family Tree I My Dreams Essay

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The Family Tree to My Dreams In my eyes, my culture is all the aspects behind my family and the people that help define who I am. This may include the events that have happened to past generations, behaviors of my relatives or beliefs that have been passed down to me. In the book, Is everyone really equal?, the authors, Sensoy and DiAngelo, define culture as “the norms, values, practices, patterns of communication, language, laws, customs, and meanings shared by a group of people located in a given time or place”, expressing that culture can be seen on the outside of a person such as how they dress or the language they speak or underneath the skin such as attitudes toward certain situations or body language (Sensoy and DiAngelo). I believe that my culture and upbringing will help impact my classroom and the decisions I make to better my students. I grew up in the small town of Dahlonega, Georgia. I am an only child with a stay at home mom and a dad that works as a real-estate agent. I grew up in the home that my father built, but later moved to another home, also in Dahlonega. I attended Blackburn Elementary School, later attending Lumpkin County Middle School and then Lumpkin County High School. I graduated high school with honor roll and completed the education pathway. In the education pathway, I had the opportunity to intern in a fifth-grade classroom. After many days of interacting with the children, I realized that Early Childhood Education was definitely the job…

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