The Family Systems Theory Was Proposed By Dr. Murray Bowen Essay

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The Family Systems Theory was proposed by Dr. Murray Bowen. This theory suggests that people are not individual entities, but rather a part of a larger network of family. The Family Systems Theory recognizes family as one emotional unit. The emotional state of the family unit is completely dependent on the individuals within the system (The Bowen Center, 2015). This paper will explore and use this theory to identify conflict within two families introduced in HBO’s The Alzheimer’s Project : Caregivers. The triangle is the smallest of all the family systems. The triangle is the “molecule” of all the larger systems. Bowen believed that a two-person system was too unstable. The triangle makes for a more stable family because when tension increases, it is much easier to shift it between three people (The Bowen Center, 2015). The story of Nacho and Mike. Mike is the youngest of his siblings and his father, Nacho, has Alzheimer’s. Mike was in a relationship and had a live in girlfriend. Mike and his girlfriend represent the two-person system. Due to Nacho’s diagnosis and caregiver needs and having adequate space for an additional family member, Mike moved his father into his home. One can only assume that in the beginning Nacho was the outside person. This most likely shifted when Nacho’s caregiver needs increased. The result would be Mike steps up to fulfill those needs. This would have created less time, energy, and attention for the girlfriend, making her the…

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