The Family Service Of Piedmont Essay

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The Family Service of Piedmont is an agency devoted to help citizens in the community. This can easily be seen with both their vision as well as their mission statement. Their vision is to “building safe and healthy families” (Family Service). And their mission statement is, “Family Service of the Piedmont empowers individuals and families to restore hope, achieve stability and thrive through quality support services, advocacy and education” (Family Service). Family services make sure that they can continue to help people by helping everyone regardless of race, religion, gender, sexuality, or anything. They provide affordable services to everyone.
Conveniently located, a few feet from the Greensboro Transit Authority and other agencies that provide other services. By car it was a bit confusing on where it was mainly because of how the building is located. Where you would typically think the name would be, it isn’t. The name of the place is on the front and not on any of the sides, so it can easily be missed. The parking lot was connected to another building’s parking lot, but parking spaces were right in front of the building. As you walk into the building there is a sign that says watch your steps, and it comes out of nowhere if you are not paying too close attention.
As one enters into the building there is two sets of doors. Once you enter the first one and look to your left, there is a list of names of those who have contributed to Family Services. They call it the…

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