Essay about The Family Of The Maui Family

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The Maui family is a family of four children; 3 boys and a girl living with their parents in a small town. The Maui family seem like an ordinary family but they a caught up in a cycle of violence that has been passed down from many generations. The father Buck was brought up that to be respected and seen as a man that he needed to use violence to achieve this and tells his partner that he is the man of the house and that she needs to serve him and do all the female jobs in the house. The children lived in fear of their father and were always worried which one of them was going to get the next ‘hiding’. The children said their parents would just keep arguing and then it got to the point where they would just use their fists and the children said this made them feel fearful. The oldest child used to tell the father to stop picking on his little brother which would result in him getting beaten up. The children said that when their father became really angry he would start using his fists or throw them into things that he knew would hurt like the wall. The oldest child was the one who experienced most of the abuse which started when he was around the age of four which made him very clingy and always nervous about what was going to happen next and says he felt very hurt that his mum was not there to help him when he was getting beaten up in a room and she would down in the sitting room cooking food. Buck was always emotionally abusing the children’s mother Moana as well and…

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