The Family Of Human Beings Essay

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We understand as family to our primary group of human beings. This is so, because the family acts as the first group of people with whom the newborn human being comes into contact. The family is responsible to care for and protect the baby but also to integrate he or she into the world. Doing so through teaching practices, rules and standards of living, so they can successfully adapt to the needs of society group.

The family composition varies from society to society, country to country, from region to region, and may in some cases be very large and in many others only limited power stations or nuclear members: father, mother, and children. Conventionally it is understood by side uncles, cousins, nephews, grandparents and relatives. Then we can also mention politic family, fro example: one that is not established based on blood relationships: brother in law, daughter-in-law, son in law, godchildren, etc.

The importance of family is mainly on two fundamental pillars for the existence of human being: on one hand, the family provides the newborn protection, care and affection, teaching him through those rules things of behavior, where the danger is, what things not to do, how to be healthy, the meaning of the things, etc. This is because a baby (of any kind, not only human) to be abandoned without any care or protection of potential hazards could not survive alone. For humans, care and protection of parents is necessary until the age of adulthood, at which time it is…

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