The Family Culture Of Latino Essay

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The family culture of Latino’s is rich in tradition, heritage, and close-knit relationships. Gary M. Stern explores why and how the Latina/o family can sometimes negatively impact the students voyage towards college. One theory Stern shares is that neighborhoods that Latina/o students live in prove to be an obstacle for many. Stern states that Latinos “live in neighborhoods with many fewer college-educated residents than are in African-American areas. Growing up in a neighborhood with so few college-educated people creates problems for students finding the college application process tricky” (Stern, 2009). Stern continues by exploring the influence of neighborhood, by looking at other students living communities in which students are surrounded with friends, family, and neighbors, who can offer insight on the college preparation and application process as college graduates. Stern’s research supports the idea that being immersed in a community with adults who can advise you on college applications and preparation is a great tool. Outside of the community you live in, Sterns’ research states that the Latina/o family culture can impact a student’s college perspective as well. In an article by Nunez and Crisp the authors offer a data set explaining that 41% of Mexican Americans and 42% of Puerto Ricans shared that family reasons affected their choice in pursuing higher education (Nunez & Crisp, p.82). When broken down, that data went on to conclude that family reasons expressly…

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