The Family As A Social Institution Essay

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People everywhere need some sort of inspiration or motivation to make positive decisions in life. In Ain’t No Makin’ It, Jay MacLeod, immerses himself in Clarendon Heights to study the aspirations of the Brothers and Hallway Hangers. He is able to see how the families of the Brothers shape their lives. From having adult male figures to adults who have completed high school and even college in the family, the Brothers lives are steered in a positive direction. The family as a social institution has provided the Brothers with people who can motivate them to do well in school and as well as people who can show them their goals are achievable.
The family being a social institution has an accepted way of doing things, recognized people who do them and are organized in a certain way. Every family is different from how many people there are to the roles they have but in every family there are rules and recognized people who enforce those and take care of things. The roles in a family are distributed among the statuses of people such as grandparents, mother, father, daughter or son. In this social institution, the accepted way of doing things is that parents must provide basic necessities for their children, husband and wife should be loyal to each other, and children should obey their parents. Families as an institution also value each other and support one another. Generally in the institution of the family, and in Ain’t No Makin’ it, the parents take the role of providing for…

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