The Family And Its Impact On A Child 's Life Essay

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Society consist of number of individuals. The most important component in society is a family, even it is a big role to build the society. When the family contributes to building society, this will serve the family itself and the rest families. The family is great importance because it is the first social system that human beings knew. Also it has specific features and functions that affects the society. As a role, it will affect these features and functions in their systems, which are in constant interaction with different social systems.
The family plays a key role in the social normalization process of its members who are members of society, which is the group that associates the individual. Also, the family is the basic that forming individual 's behavior since the early stages of growth. The family has a big impact on a child 's life, especially in the first years of age because it represents the child 's world, and a significant impact on the development of his personality and growing. This effect begins by direct contact between the parents and their child, so they are caring about their child and give all those needs. Also, they have a significant impact on the upbringing and social development of their child 's personality. The personal status of the parents, the development of cultural, and economic ties of the family and kinship, especially in the early years of age are the big impact on child 's life and knowledge. The effect that resulting from the society is a…

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