The Falsehood Of So-Called Love Analysis

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Ultimately, the essential attitude with approaching a bond with the Divine sustains as first recognizing the distortion that occurs constantly around us. Obviously, the lack of realizing how critical the care regarding one’s mind encompasses, “what people allow,” cannot become overstated. Moreover, a person should create a positive and healthy attitude toward their inner sexual beauty and put it up on a pedestal, where it belongs. This endures as God’s Country, one’s Kingdom within; claim it! Though this electrifying sexual miracle, acknowledge one’s rightful Godly divine heritage, nestled in the hidden wisdom of God, I Cor 2:7.
The Falsehood of So-called Love

Perpetually, one of the main supreme lies from hell occurs regarding the term ‘making
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Conceivably, Jesus appears to be referring to ‘adultery to God.’ Once again, His sexual reference to God occurs to assist a person see how anyone-whosoever, can become tempted by a spirit of seduction and commit ‘adultery to God.’
Generally, the acknowledgment of lust’s abusive spiritual existence remains totally void; people appear to be completely unaware of its “coveting,” yearning presence. This obsession of “making lust” and not “making love,” universally occurs in marriages. Credibly, an excellent case in point of this occurrence can be witnessed with an old acquaintance of mine named Helen; which assumed she had a solid marriage with her husband Joe. Intentionally, for years, she had Joe entertain her with different sexual variations, including an abundant amount of visual stimulations. Conspicuously, she eluded this activity made her feel sleazy; nonetheless, whatever her purpose encompassed, she thought, this sleazy involvement endured to keep Joe’s interest and love strong. Surprisingly for her, Joe announced one day he had no interest in her, including their sex life and asked for a divorce. Categorically, confusion consumed her. After all, Helen protested, “I excelled in my martial sexual duties (or what she assumed were her sexual duties); how could Joe deny
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Moreover, it appears Joe’s dissatisfaction occurred due to the spirit of truth endured totally void in their marital bedroom. Intrinsically, their sexual actions became merely “mechanical and visual” with little genuine feelings of love and passion; which, for quite a few folks eventually grows stale and uninspiring. Although behavior such as Helen’s may produce excitement for a while; odds exists the situation will stagnate over time. Furthermore, this lust inspired behavior persists as being never satisfied, (evolving into an unquenchable thirst that needs pristine stimulations to achieve a higher sexually attainment); with individuals emerging numerous times in need of a different partner to replace the jaded and lackluster of the old. One other thought regarding this delusional healthy marriage, unambiguously shows how out of touch this couple became with ’love’s realism.’ An immense liability various people experience occurs as the ungodly actions of others, leading them on a long road of meaningless activities. How cunning the evil of this world evolves, trapping people into believing “any” sexual encounter abides as presumably ‘love or love

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