The False Mirror Analysis

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Art isn’t just beautiful. It’s a piece of art that is historical. You will see how each generation is different by the type of art they drew or painted. Well art could be anything, as long as you feel and imagine it is. Some people rebel from their generation, which are the best. They are unique, original, and see art as the point of view they want to. Which it will start a new era of art every time this happens. People love things that are different because it stands out compared to the others. This is why art is beautiful. You put your thoughts and feeling into something, and make create something prodigious. Those pieces of art express how you feel and people could read it by just looking at it.
One of my favorite paintings is The False
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The tucks are triangles. The stomach has straight, curve and horizontal lines. The ear and the face have simple lines. The trunk has curved lines around it to make it seem more realistic. There isn’t any depth between the elephants. They are both next to each other. The texture of the two elephants is a daughter holding on to her mothers tail. It’s a representation of saying I’m always going to follow you wherever you go. The form is three- dimensional, its three- dimensional because when you look at it you actually feel as if they were walking on the grass. Also, it’s asymmetrical symmetry because you cant cut the half to the same design on both sides. The emphasis is directed toward the trunk and the mothers tail. The space surrounding it is plain, which makes it stand our more. The rhythm is the grass because it repeating the same lines. Also, the horizontal and straight lines on the elephant stomach are a rhythm. It gives them a structure of a realistic elephant. The tattoo is located on my back. Its my first tattoo and stands out more because its in the middle of the back and the neck. The meaning behind it is stronger than what it looks

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