Essay about The False Memories Of Memories

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This paper will be looking at memories, being able to distinguish between our true or false memories in particular. We spend our entire life accumulating memories and at times make decisions based on our memories, but what if they are false? Being able to understand and identify a false memory is very important in modern society, in our justice system relies on evidence to reach a verdict, at times a witness is crucial, their memory can be the deciding factor of a case.
Review of the Literature

Summary of Theories
(Zhu et al., 2012) and Morgan (2013) have argued that is incredibly easy to implant false memories into individuals; however Zhu (2012) focused more on how both false and true memories decay at an equal rate.( study support) While Morgan (2013) highlighted false memories being created in a single event under stressful conditions. Bernstein & Laftus (2009) presented a similar argument stating that none of our current methods that are used to determine if a memory is true or false is effective
Summary of Findings and Recommendations
Findings from (Zhu et al., 2012) indicated that the subjects showed good memory during their experiments, but also a strong misinformation effect, however these result are from the subjects that participated in both the experiments. Also Zhu (2012) found that
“our study presented evidence that the false memory briefly introduced in an experimental setting seemed to have similar strength of memory trace as true memory. These…

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