The False Hope Of The American Dream Essay examples

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The False Hope of the American Dream
The 1920’s were times where the hope of the American Dream was rampant in the way that everyone was in pursuit of it. The American Dream was something that everyone sought for. People from various regions and background were desperate for this American Dream. Sadly, for most Americans who lacked the necessary wealth to do so failed. F. Scott Fitzgerald shows how the American dream is unattainable to those without money through the symbolism of a flower. This flower is a daisy, which consist of a green stem, yellow core, and white petals. The stem is representative of the wealthy roots necessary for the American dream. The yellow core represents the reality and the white represent the American dream. In the novel Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald, portrays how the American dream is unattainable to those who lack wealth through the flower, Daisy.
The primary The Great Gatsby portrays how the American dream is unattainable to one who has little wealth is exemplified through the color white, which are the petals of the flower. White represents the American dream, which is the fairytale that everyone in America wants to live out. People who are wealthy are able to live out their fantasy more easily than those who lack the necessary components to do so. This first becomes evident when Mr. Wilson is being described. “A white ashen dust veiled his dark suit” The white ashen dust Is the little reminisce of the American dream Mr. Wilson has. This American…

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