Essay about The Fall

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The Fall is a film featuring two main characters, Roy and Alexandria. The film[‘]s black and white opening scene introduces us to Roy and also prevails [presents?] his injury while acting as a stunt man in silent films. Alexandria on the other hand, had fallen and is suffering a broken her arm. The cripples find each other within the hospital where Roy begins to tell Alexandria an epic story, a story which brings color into their dull, sick lives. Throughout the movie, the fantasy world of the story and the reality of Roy and Alexandria’s life [lives] begin to mesh into one, and through this, it is evident that they’re friendships [their friendship] with each other is what brings the color and life back into one another’s once lonely …show more content…
When Roy begins to tell Alexandria the epic story, we are introduced to a whole new scene. Orange sand against a pure blue sky makes it obvious we are no longer in the hospital scene, and due to the color, there is now a sense of life within the film. The fantasy story that Roy is telling Alexandria is full of color, for example, within the stories [story’s] characters. We are introduced to 5 [five] men, all with their very own color schemes. The colors of their outfits represent who they are as people, for example, Luigi, the explosive expert, is dressed in warm colors which represent the explosion, yellows, oranges, reds. Throughout the film, the story continues each day that Roy and Alexandria spend together. The more it continues, the closer they become, and that is when they reach the point of their depressing lives becoming a part of their fantasy world. Alexandria is forming a fatherly [daughterly] love for Roy, while Roy on the other hand is using Alexandria for all the wrong reasons. The scene in which Roy asks Alexandria to steal him morphine, the white bedding and sheets surround the entire scene, letting us know that Roy has no life to him, and no emotion while making Alexandria do something to feed an unhealthy habit. When Alexandria injures herself trying to steal morphine for Roy is when their relationship

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