Essay about The Fall Of The Romanov Dynasty

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The Romanov Dynasty reigned in Russia from 1613 until its fall in 1917. It was the last imperial dynasty to rule Russia. The fall was prompted by the February Revolution of 1917 which lead to abdication of Tsar Nicholas II. The fall of the Romanov Dynasty was precipitated by a number of changes in Russia, specifically changing attitudes towards the autocratic power held by the Tsar and a shift in the way many Russians viewed the Tsar himself. Many of these changes were caused by the advancement of Russia in terms of industry and the fact that Industrialisation had finally reached Russia. World War I also preceded the dynasty 's collapse, thus contributing to these changes in Russian society. The causes of the fall of the Romanov Dynasty are widely debated, however one could conclude that the collapse of the dynasty can be attributed to a culmination of factors including poor leadership by the Tsar, the changing political and economic landscape of Russia, Industrialisation, Bloody Sunday and World War I rather than having been caused primarily by the World War. This essay will, therefore, assess the impact of World War I on the dynasty 's fall.

The poor leadership displayed by Tsar Nicholas II is often thought of as a contributory factor to the dynasty’s fall, in particular his failure to address the problem of Russia.
Nicholas was an extremely conservative leader, who unquestioningly believed in his divine right to rule Russia. Many historians believe that it was both his…

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