Pros And Cons Of Ancient Egypt Geography

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Have you ever thought about the ancient times? Have you ever wondered about what they used to do? Today I’m going to talk about Egypt. The geography and everything else about it.
The geography of Egypt is very beautiful and very nice. The geography of Egypt includes two split lands which are ‘red land’ and ‘black land’. The red land is the barren desert that protected Egypt from natural disasters on both sides. The black land however included fertile land on the lines of the one and only Nile River. It was called the black sea because black silt was deposited to the black sea every year after the Nile River floods Nile river is part of the geography.
The Nile river was the greatest river. It was also the longest river. There are some pros and cons of the Nile River. Some pros are that it provides water and good farming for the farmers. However, some cons are that when the Nile rushes through the land it takes people with them. It also crushes houses and causes many deaths. The Nile river is nice but it also can be very harmful. The Nile was used for many things also such as transport and sometimes to trade things with other countries.
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The old kingdom lasted from 2613-2181 BCE. The rise of the Old Kingdom is called the Early Dynastic Period. Egypt became one country under the First Dynasty, it was under the rule of the Pharaoh Djoser. After this the central government became very sturdy and organized. The Fall of the Old Kingdom occurred when the central government became weak during the 6th Dynasty. The governors became very controlling and began to ignore the rule of the pharaoh which lead to the fall of the Old Kingdom. The country was also suffering from drought and famine. After a while the government collapsed and then Egypt broke up into

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