The Fall Of The Ming Dynasty Essay

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The fall of the Ming Dynasty in 1644 gave birth to the new empire known as the Qing Empire. The Qing brought about big change in all of the lands of China. The emperor, Yongzheng, was the third emperor to rule under the Qing Empire. Yongzheng quickly became an empire who sought a huge amount of power. He became to be known as a very autocratic emperor as the time passed by. Yongzheng worked hard to have complete control of all his officials and have full control of his people’s views and morals throughout the entire land of his empire, and he intended to keep it that way.

He was an emperor who had absolute power over the land of China from 1723-1735.

The emperor used a very secure method of investigation for him to gain information throughout all of China. Jonathan Spence states, “He gives enormous power to his favorite officials, both Chinese and Manchu, but watches them with endless care and infiltrates their staffs with spies who report back to him” (pg 26). WIth the expansion of borders of China and the population growth of his country there is no possible way for him to overlook the entire country, so he decided to appoint governors and officials to view and overlook sections of China. They would then be required to report back to him. Even though the emperor chose the people he entrusted to represent and oversee the land for him he never truly trusted them. He wanted to make sure no official would turn his back on him, so the emperor Yongzheng decided to…

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