The Fall Of The House Of Usher By Edgar Allan Poe Essay

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It Was Only Just a Dream

In Edgar Allan Poe 's "The Fall of the House of Usher," readers have the story of their narrator going on a visit to his old friend Roderick Usher 's house after receiving a letter from Usher saying that he is losing his mind and that a close family member is sick. As this story progresses, readers see Poe 's typical dark writing style as the events that occur at the Usher house delve further down the dark, twisting rabbit hole that is Poe 's mind. The way that the narrator acts in many of these scenarios is almost as if he is not there, he is just merely an observer of these events. His actions seem to point that either he is not in his right mind or he has a far too active imagination. Readers can suspect that the narrator is insane or dreaming as if the entire story is a projection of his mind.

The narrator believes that throughout his visit at the Usher house, parts of his stay may just be a dream. This is shown well in the quote, "[The narrator and Usher] painted and read together; or [the narrator] listened, as if in a dream, to the wild improvisations of his speaking guitar"(Poe 269). Many times throughout this story, the narrator states that something is hard to grasp in his mind, or that everything seems to move strangely like scenes from a dream. Lady Madeline triggered one of these emotion-grasping events as seen in this quote, "While he spoke, the lady Madeline(for so was she called) passed slowly through a remote portion of the…

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