Essay on The Fall Of The House Of Usher By Edgar Allen Poe

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Edgar Allen Poe is a writer well-known for his dark and romanticized gothic literature. Poe stimulates the senses through sensory detail in which his words can paint a vivid mental picture in the minds of his audiences. Dark imagery is very prominent in Poe’s works as it relates to gothic literature. Dark imagery is how Poe speaks through his stories to set his mood and tone which commonly consists of a dark and mysterious atmosphere, characteristic of gothic literature. Poe’s use of imagery through his stories is prominent in his works, The Fall of the House of Usher, The Tell-Tale Heart, and The Black Cat. In The Fall of the House of Usher, Poe describes Roderick Usher in a way that uses all of the senses.
“He suffered much from a morbid acuteness of the senses; the most insipid food was alone endurable; he could wear only garments of certain textures; the odors of all flowers were oppressive; his eyes were tortured by even a faint light; and there were but peculiar sounds, and these from stringed instruments, which did not inspire him with horror” (Usher, 705).
Poe’s description paints an intense picture as he describes and makes relation to every sense, sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch. George E. Woodberry in his book Criticism and Interpretations he says,
“The adaptation of the related parts and their union in the total effect are a triumph of literary craft; the intricate details, as it were mellowing and reflecting one ground tone, have the definiteness and…

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