Essay on The Fall Of Rome And The Middle Ages

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An important era that occurred in Europe that went from 500 to 1400 B.C.E. was known as the Middle Ages. The fall of Rome and the events that followed have been known to have multiple labels because of the different phases the era went through. The eras that best describe the Middle Ages would be The Dark Ages, the Age of Feudalism, and the Age of Faith. The Dark Ages was a time of sorrow and disgrace for the people. Barbarians attacked the towns, raped and killed people and after all this they burned down the churches (Doc 1). The Vikings took all the ill-gotten gains and the men and took all this to their land (Doc 3). The remaining people went into the dense woods for refuge since they had no protection from the government; they had no government (Doc1). Since everyone had fled the towns there was no type of learning since they relied on agriculture and needed everyone in the family to help which led to no schooling for the children. This great shortage of learning led to little or no achievements and indirectly caused the Black Plague because they couldn’t figure out how to cure the people or where it had come from. The Black Plague was carried by infested rats and fleas that would secretly go on board of the ships that went from port to port carrying the plague. The plague caused the death of 25 million people in Europe in only five years. There was also a labor shortage because of all the people dying which caused the survivors to demand higher wages and more…

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