Native Americans Downfall

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Native Americans were the very first people to ever inhabit the Continent of the Americas. Although in 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed to the Americas in search for a route to Asia. Here he found gold, silver and a very primitive culture. His expedition led to a rise of explorers sailing to the Americas in search for new things. These expeditions took a horrible toll on the Native Americans. Findings suggest that there is not only one specific occurrence that caused the demise of the Native Americans. Natives were treated brutally in many ways though land conquests, diseases, abuse, and forced religion induced the diminishment and death of millions of Native Americans. The natives were taken and exploited in a placed that they called home. …show more content…
Many revolts or uprisings against the Europeans ended in the death of many Indians setting an example for others wanting to follow in the footsteps of rebels. “Eventually, The colonial forces prevailed, killing King Philip and ending most American Indian resistance in new England” (Newman, Schmalbach). King Philips War was a precedent to how the Indians were dealt with by the conquerors. Religion was a big part of the everyday life of Europeans and they felt as if everyone should be like them and believe in God as they did. This caused them to want to convert many to their religion of Christianity, “Others resisted the faith of their conquerors and held fast to traditional beliefs” (Giles). Although the treatment of the Native Americans was not Christian like at all. In fact the conversion of Natives was a big deal to the conquerors, “Making them Christian was the highest priority” (Deak). Many things the Europeans did to the Indians were cruel and …show more content…
Some went through the process of asking different wealthy business and corporations to sponsor their trips out of their native countries’. Some sponsors of the expeditions main focuses were spreading religion, “In exchange, the colonist were to raise an army, protect the Christian faith and see to it that the Indians were converted to Christianity” (Riga). This subliminal bribery of the explorers contributed to some of the issues with Native Americans. Indians first believed in many different gods like the god of wind, sun, moon and water; but Europeans wanted to convert them. Evangelism is the preaching of the Christian Gospel or the practice of relaying information about a particular set of beliefs to others with the intention of conversion which the Europeans planned on doing. “The evangelization of the Indians started from the date (1493), and various religious orders (Dominicans, Franciscans, and the orders of mercy and St. Augustine) sent some remarkable people as missionaries” (Riga). Though this was not as Christians should act by forcing a conversion upon them and beating the Indians that did not want to convert.
Native Americans were abused and treated, however the Europeans pleased, “The Spaniards indulged widely in sexual abuses” (Riga). The women of the Americas were basically treated as pigs or prostitutes and were unwillingly taken advantage of. Women of the native culture were treated with the disrespect

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