The Fall Of Constantinople To The Ottoman Turks Research Paper

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The Fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks was a devastating moment in history. After many attacks the city had faced, the empire was becoming weak. The crusades left the Roman’s still recovering and still trying to rebuild the damage done to their empire. After studying the primary sources and the secondary sources, we can say that the reason for the fall of the city was because the Romans did not have the necessary resources to fight of the Turks which left the Romans weak, giving the Ottomans an advantage to win the land that belonged to the Byzantine empire. The most important piece of information given to us from the primary sources, was the eagerness of Mehmed II, to make Constantinople his capital ( ETEP, 1179). After he ascended to the Ottoman throne at 19 years old, he wanted the beautiful city, …show more content…
Using his military skills and knowledge he was able to build a great cannon that was not yet used in battles. This gave Mehmed the advantage against the Romans. The primary sources all coincide of how great in power Mehmed was, and this drove him to win the land of the Holy city. Looking at the writer Laonikos Chalkokondyles, he writes about how prepared Mehmed was in the battle. “He had built a fortress”, “he sent instructions everywhere in Asia and in Europe” , and “he had cargo vessels and fighting ships prepared”, all provide examples of Mehmed of how prepared Mehmed to fight the Byzantines (1157). When Ottomans began the fight, they started by breaking down the Byzantines walls. This was an

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