The Fairy Tales By The Grimm Brothers Essay example

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From the original fairy tales gathered to preserve their German history, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm unknowingly established a foundation and framework of how children stories have been previously told and how inevitable adaptations are to come. The Grimm Brothers wrote a plethora of gruesome and violent folktales to share with “their fellow scholars” around the late 1850s; coincidentally during the time period of when the French had conquered Germany in their attempts of acquiring land and power (Johnson). The book of folktales instilled a feeling of history preservation in the country throughout the hardships it was facing at the time. Regardless of the initial audience, the stories indeed appealed to children and thus, the Brothers reworked the appalling morbidity of the tales in order to be more appropriate for younger ages (Greenspan). One of the most retold stories in the Grimms’ Fairy Tales, was published in 1857 and known as the infamous “Little Snow White” (Gidwitz). This short tale tells of an envious stepmother and her relationship between her beautiful stepdaughter, and largely her attempts in killing her to become the most “fairest of all” in the land (Grimm and Grimm). The Brothers in fact revised and edited the story themselves, like stated before, but as time went on others recycled and manipulated the renowned fable to conform to the current social conditions. Through the American film adaptations of the Grimm Brothers’ tale, the princess ordered for her…

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