The Fairy Tales By Bruno Bettelheim Essay examples

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Many of us recall the classic fairy tales from our childhood that often contained dark plots and themes. Although these stories often frightened us as children, these stories gave us a new perspective on the society we live in. They taught us about the good members of the society (the hero), the bad members of society (the witch/monster), and even taught us important lessons that we continue to use in our lives even as young adults. As Bruno Bettelheim pointed out in his 1977 work The Uses of Enchantment, as children, these fairy tales helped to carry important messages to our conscious, preconscious, and unconscious minds that help to form us as an individual (4). These stories have an important place in society and are essential pieces of children’s literature.
These fairy tales are often composed of archetypes, which can be described as a prototypical example of a character. A good example of an archetype in fairy tales is the “knight in shining armor.” In the original fairy tale Hansel and Gretel, written by the Grimm Brothers, there are many examples of archetypes and each one of the archetypes has a specific function that has a deeper meaning in the story. This fairy tale begins with stating the setting of the story, a large forest. In fairy tales, the archetypal setting of a forest has a symbolic meaning and function within the story. As Jonathan Young write in his article “Once Upon A Time… Fairy Tales Shape Our Lives,” the setting of a dark forest is seen as a…

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