The Fairy Tale Of Cinderella Essay

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Virtually everyone in the world has heard one version of a fairy tale at some point in their lives whether they realized it or not. Some fairy tales change from generation to generation while others remain more or less the same for centuries. When examining the changes of fairy tales you must look at the original source to see where the changes all began. This can be a very difficult task with fairy tales because we never really know where the original came from. Two brothers, Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm wrote one version of Cinderella, called "Ashputtle,” in the early 1800 's. I will base my ideas on the theory that the original tale of Cinderella comes from the Grimm brother 's version. These two are believed to be the first people to write down the fairy tale. It is widely believed that fairy tales are beloved by many for their upbeat energetic tone and a family friendly type of adventure. But many don’t know the truth about fairy tales and their origins, and what they were originally before Disney changed them.
In the Grimm version, "Ashputtle", the characters include Ashputtle as Cinderella, her stepmother and two stepsisters, her father, the spirit of her mother, and the prince. I think the two most important characters are Ashputtle and the spirit of Ashputtle 's mother. It is the bond between Ashputtle and her mother that allowed the magical things to happen when a twig grew into a tree and a little white bird started granting Ashputtle 's wishes. Cinderella 's…

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