The Fairy Tale ' Little Red Riding Hood ' Essay

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Lane Brown Gannon Catalyst 110 09/18/2016

MWA #1

The fairy tale “ Little Red Riding Hood” has been told in many different ways with different endings which showcase the different agendas by authors. Ranging from the wolf succeeding in his attempted to eat both Red and her grandmother to a huntsman saving the pair and killing the wolf, and from Red killing the wolf herself or having a more sexual encounter with the wolf.The most pertinent ending to Gustave Dore’s lithograph is an ending where a more sexual encounter occurs. Since Gustave Dore made this lithograph “ Little Red Riding Hood” in 1861 the ideology that men are entitled to sexual acts holds a lot of weight in this lithograph. Gustave Dore makes in his lithograph of Little Red Riding Hood, enforces the idea that men are justified in feeding their animalistic need to copulate by manipulating women into feeding their own curiosity and sexual hunger; Dore is able to assert this…

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