The Fairy Tale By The Grimm Brothers Essay

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A fairy tale many of us know is Cinderella, but what many of us don’t know, is the drastic changes the fairy tale went through to become the story it is today. Focusing on the revised original tale from 1857, written by the Grimm Brothers, Cinderella is a darker, more realistic tale and the newer version of the tale, a movie produced by Disney in 1950, is more magical and happy. The two tales have similar story lines, but the Disney version has changed to fit a different audience compared to the original tale by the Grimm brothers. The first change we notice when comparing the two is the father in each tale. In the Grimm Brother’s edition, the father is present in the story and he remarries a year after his wife dies. In the Disney version, the father doesn’t remarry until a few years after his wife dies. A major change between the two is how in the earlier version, the father is alive and aware of the evil step-sisters bullying Cinderella, but in the Disney version, the father has already died and isn’t present for the bullying. I think this is certainly important. I think Disney decided to have the father dead in their tale because they didn’t think the father being ok with Cinderella being treated wrongly by the step-sisters and the step-mother was appropriate. Abby Quick comments, “Disney probably excluded the father because they don’t want to show that your real parents can be so cruel, even if it is indirectly”. Disney wanted their audience to know the father was…

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