The Fairness Doctrine

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In recent year’s news coverage have presented information as a form of individual biases to the public, while undermining the opposing viewpoints of others towards the same issue. As a result, viewers are often misinformed about the true face of contentious issues broadcasted throughout news stations. The news that the public perceive as truth is quite often just the point of view of a group of few. For that reason, the fairness doctrine was introduced back in 1949 its purpose was to avoid the use of the media to gain political power through public manipulation. The fairness doctrine dictated that news station owners had to provide balanced information of both sides of an issue, as well as provide the public with information that had importance …show more content…
Therefore, a number of sues were filed to the supreme court against the Federal Communication Commission (FCC), each insisting that their freedom of speech and press had been violated. Consequently, the fairness doctrine was terminated in 1987. However, throughout the years, many have pushed for the reinstatement of the fairness doctrine because it is a law that focuses on limiting the power of broadcasters. In addition, it allowed the television viewers to hear two sides of a story and make their own individual judgment on the matter. The fairness doctrine should be reinstated to regulate news stations and limit its broadcasting powers so that it may provide reliable information as well as remove polarizing viewpoints.
To begin, the fairness doctrine provides balance to an otherwise unrestraint form of public communication. According to the
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For example: News stations would have to provide the audience with both sides of a controversial issue. In addition, to avoid the use of personal preference regulations for broadcasters would be implemented and revised by an FCC official. As a result, these actions would allow the audience to make their own individual decisions on the matter and side with the competitor they prefer. The fairness doctrine would eliminate the manipulative tactics used by some news station to increase or decrease the popularity of a government candidate and guarantee a fair

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