Essay on The Fair Labor Standards Act

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In 1993 the Fair Labor Standards Act was introduced. The Fair Labor Standards Act established a federal minimum wage, overtime pay and youth employment standards. The first minimum wage passed by President Franklin Roosevelt, was 25 cents. In recent years the topic of minimum wage has risen in conversation drastically. Minimum wage laws are in effect to help maintain one’s basic needs. A raise in wage would help families stay out of poverty, increase economic activity and reduce government welfare spending. It does not require a strong knowledge of economics to understand that a family surviving off a minimum wage paycheck simply cannot afford a comfortable lifestyle. A wage made for individuals to live off of is called a living wage. A living wage is described as “Affords the earner and her or his family the most basic costs of living without need for government support or poverty programs. With a living wage an individual can take pride in her work and enjoy the decency of a life beyond poverty, beyond an endless cycle of working and sleeping, beyond the ditch of poverty wages”. The current federal minimum wage is set to $7.25. Let’s say a person works forty hours a week every single week. This individual would earn around $14,000 a year. This set wage is simply not enough to allow a family to live and meet their basic needs above the poverty line.

Often times the opposition to this topic would say minimum wage laws causes an economic downturn. A raise in wage laws…

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