The Failures Of Oliver Cromwell Essay

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The failures of Oliver Cromwell brought a relapse of the Stuart dynasty, of what he had once tried to eliminate. Even though he ended the rule of Charles I of England, in the end his strict governing led to the rebellion of the English people against him. This led to Charles II, Charles I’s son, to rule, in a way, relapsing his father’s rule. Oliver Cromwell’s main purpose of the disposal of the king Charles I was he was ruling England as a absolutist; although, that is what Oliver Cromwell himself ended up doing during his reign of power of the country of England. During the English Civil War Oliver Cromwell was a strong soldier, but a deficient ruler of the people. Oliver Cromwell was no better at ruling the people of England than the Stuart dynasty was because he ruled the act same way, if not worse, with his strict laws. Cromwell’s harsh settlement of Ireland, extreme Puritan beliefs, and absolutistic ruling of government made him ultimately more detrimental to England during the English Civil War than the Stuarts.
The harsh settlement of Ireland by Cromwell led to his extreme unpopularity in England. The unpopularity of Cromwell was a change from the Stuart dynasty since Ireland often was supported by the Stuarts. Cromwell’s Irish offensive included the massacre of Catholics and Protestants, which basically means he killed all Irish people. One of his main goals as ruler was to “tame” the Irish, in other words establishing an English line in Ireland. Cromwell promised…

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