The Failure Of The United States Essay

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The failure of the United States in the Paris Peace Treaty meeting, and the absence of its support in the League of Nations definitely hindered the recovery from World War 1 and weakened the United Sates influence on post events. Whether or not President Woodrow Wilson is at fault has been debated since the events of the First World War. It is believed that the president must hold the responsibility for the United States` actions and failures since he had acted on the United States behalf, but it is also argued that the blame falls to the citizens of America, and Wilson`s enemies for giving him grievances that prevented him from taking the best course of action. Some history critics may even argue that it is the fault of the allies for allowing the League of Nations to fall through.
In 1916, when President Wilson was re-elected, it was because he had maintained United States neutrality while the world was at war. However in 1917, Congress had set to declare war on Germany due to the discovery of the Zimmerman telegram which was sent by Germany in order to incite Mexico to attack the United States. Following the sinking of the Lusitania, which resulted in the deaths of many Americans, Germany had prodded the United States too much; the United States government was caused to take action. Wilson passionately called out Germany, and took a series of steps in order to increase the American populations` support of the War. One of these steps included the creation of the…

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