The Failure Of Strategic Vision Essay

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Another restrain to political outcomes is the failure of strategic vision and the inability to relate short term to long term consideration to coordinate actions with interests. For instance, the NCS-68 strategy was considered a deeply flawed document in the sense that measures it recommended undercut the goals it was trying to achieve. A military buildup might enhance American security if American interests remained stable, but NCS-68 expended interests. Fragmentation of the communist world might be a desirable objective but the treating of communist everywhere as equally dangerous was not the way to achieve it. Moreover, as NCS-68 strategy argue that all American interest are vital, then, the hope of a fundamental change in the soviet concept of international relations is condemned to failure because the future negotiation with the soviets could take place only on the basis of soviet capitulation. Thus, their willingness or lack of willing to negotiate became irrelevant.
The regime type in a country could affect the desired political outcomes despite its powerful military. For instance, Adolf Hitler, with his authoritarian personality and his decisions, that lead to disasters to the German army. From his decision to invade Russia which destroyed his alliance with Stalin, to the postpone of Operation Barbarossa twice, from mid-May till the end of June and then from mid-July to mid-August, and finally, his decision to divert the successful German army from the backyard of…

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