Theme Of Pride In Things Fall Apart

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In the story, Things Fall apart by Chinua Achebe, the protagonist, Okonkwo is a man that is loaded with pride. He is centrally regarded as a masculine, strict, and violent man. This allowed Achebe to exhibit Okonkwo’s determination and behavior throughout the novel. The reason for being is because having an exaggerated amount of self-esteem usually lead to insignificant decisions by selfish individuals that cause them to lose consciousness of the consequences their Chi (Gods) bring. Therefore, the action of effortful allows a man to be full of pride. However, too much satisfaction can converge existing lives that can have an impact on their upbringing growth. The more pride that is inputted will cause less communication because society will …show more content…
Regarding with Okonkwo, his pride dictated most of the decisions he established in his life. This allowed Okonkwo to follow the rules of the clan to be avoided from any possible mistakes to stay positive. Subsequently, Okonkwo had the desire to be completely unlike his father which caused him to provide for his family and have bravery in order to be considered successful. As portrayed in the text it states “If you give some yam seeds I shall not fail you (Chapter 3, page 21).” The evidence exhibits how Okonkwo was pleased with all the work he had achieved in which at a young age he had the courage to ask Nwakibie to share crop with him. To that end, Okonkwo felt that he had the command to control others for his own satisfaction which relates to the central theme since Okonkwo became trapped by all of his pride which shaped him to be enslaved with his own thoughts. In conclusion, Okonkwo was responsible for his own collapse because of the fact that he commits suicide. Okonkwo concerns with his father’s failure allowed him to believe and understand that he had the potential to succeed more beyond in life. Moreover, Okonkwo’s development of his pride became the necessary reason of his hard worked to avoid equivalence of his father but truthfully had become worse than his father. Therefore, Okonkwo’s pride was intersected with his problems that caused his life to be

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