The Failure Of Government In Lord Of The Flies And World War One

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Societies must have a powerful leader or government in order to succeed. In so many places there are examples where you can see a society with order like in the book Lord of the Flies and World War 1. As you know societies always end up falling apart and collapsing. The difference between a great society and a weak one is that one has a powerful government and the other doesn’t, therefore the one with the powerful government lasts longer. For example looking at World War 1 the United State remained intact after the war but Austria-Hungary collapsed and split in two countries. Germany suffered a big blow and took a while to recuperate. However in the Lord of the Flies the boys had a weak government and therefore it lead to Ralph being hunted …show more content…
In World War 1 some societies collapsed one of them being Austria-Hungary. Austria-Hungary was basically the one who started the Great War, which was the actual name before it got changed to World War 1. Instead of declaring war on Serbia due to one of the Serbians killing the prince and the prince’s wife of Austria-Hungary, Austria-Hungary could have taken different approaches in that situation. They knew declaring war on Serbia would lead to Russia having to join the war because the Russians were the bigger brothers of the Serbians. Austria-Hungary should have taken different percussions if they really wanted to keep their government in tact. Yes, the Serbian should have not done that but it does not mean Austria-Hungary can go declare war on them because it would lead to pure chaos and that is exactly what happened. Since Austria-Hungary did not maintain order and clearly did not think about the delusional choice they had just made, that then lead to them splitting apart after the war. Perhaps if they had thought about their decision twice they would not have fallen apart and still be one country to this day. An example of this, in the book Lord of the Flies could be when, “Jack makes a group called the hunters which is a variety of the choir boys and the older ones”. The choir boys are boy that sang at school and where in the plane that crashed in the island. The choir boys can symbolize the military of Germany like the hunters because they are the majority of the hunter. “Jack was suppose to kill a wild pig that was tangled in some vines in the jungle.” That pig was going to be cooked to feed everyone but he didn’t kill the wild pig because he felt bad and couldn’t kill an innocent animal so he just freed it. Since he didn’t kill the pig, the little society they created never received any food and will starve for food for

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