The Failure Of Adolf Hitler And The Hitle Throughout History

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A form of a fascist government, an anti-Semitic party and one deranged plan all formed by a maniacal man, Adolf Hitler. Hitler is elected into government due to a variety of circumstances that worried a numerous amount of citizens within Germany. As communists gained popularity, more people feared communism would become a dominant government system. Hitler opposed communism and therefore he deemed it appropriate for him to be the chancellor of the Third Reich of Germany. He was elected as chancellor and from that point onward fear is instilled into many around the world. To historians today, it is clear that the objective of Hitler 's plans were malicious. However, during the entirety of World War II, many did not question Hitler 's motives and actions. Civilians fail to understand …show more content…
Through the intensity of his propaganda he was able to brainwash citizens. Numerous citizens were filled with disillusions, leading to the success of Hitler 's plans (“ National Socialism”). Therefore, a substantial amount of criticism was put on those who did not fit Hitler 's Aryan race. Other than disillusion filled citizens, Hitler 's propaganda also succeeded due to his communication skills. As stated in the World Almanac Library of the Holocaust, Hitler was an “Enthusiastic, alarming single minded, and a brilliant speaker” ( Ross 18). He had the ability to make others follow him. Even after his death, he still had the ability to create Neo-Nazis(“National Socialism”). Hitler pretended Jews were the cause of the Great Depression and Germany 's loss in World War II (“National Socialism”). By using Jews as scapegoats, Hitler perceived Jews as a species lower than human beings (Douning 10). Consequently, Jews converted into Christians or turned on each other due to the growing hate (Meyers). It was not only Jews who turned on Jews. Many other civilians turned on minorities during the

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