Essay on The Failure Of A Planned Action

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An error is defined as the failure of a planned action to be completed as intended. An example is an error in performance (La Pietra et al., 2005). Error also can occur when implementing the wrong plan to achieve an objective often referred to as a planning error. Most of us may agree that an error is usually an unintentional act either by an oversight or directive that does not achieve its intended outcome. As mentioned by La Pietra, Calligaris, Molendini, Quattrin, & Brusaferro (2005) there are not many studies that have defined or assessed the term medical errors.
An adverse event caused by an error is considered to be a preventable adverse event. Adverse events can be caused by either active failures or Latent conditions. Active failures are results of health providers performing harmful acts while caring for patients. Unlike adverse events, latent conditions are usually foreseen, identified and resolved before an adverse event takes place. When this occurs, this leads to the professionals taking a more proactive position in management than a reactive one (La Pietra et al., 2005).
Classification of Errors
Medical errors can cause serious health problems to the general public. These medical errors can lead to increased clinical risks, medical catastrophes, some huge financial debt and pose a threat to patient safety. The healthcare industry should find a system that will reduce avoidable errors and patterns. Establishing a system that is universal to focus…

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