Essay The Failed Attempts At Killing Adolf Hitler

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The Failed Attempts at Killing Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was a bad leader and people knew it, but no powerful people stood up against his terror, leaving the main attempts on taking his life to be small, unorganized and had bad timing leading him to stay in power. Before coming into power the German people were in a deep depression with not good living styles. Hitler seeing this as a way to gain power told the people that he could make Germany powerful and fix the problems they were having. People being so desperate to have a better life believed what he was saying, but did not know how he was going to do it. Once Hitler came into power he quickly made moves to become a dictatorship and bring his party to power. He also started his terrors on the Jewish people and other races because he was very DISDAIN. The first major event that took place was the night of broken glass in November of 1938. Once Hitler was in full power he told the German people that the Jewish people were the problem and that he was going to get rid of them and have the perfect race. Very early on when the Holocaust started many of the powerful nations knew what was really happening, but did not want to get involved because they were all in the war. Many of them even denied that they knew or said that the economy would not be able to handle all of the people. The United States was one of the major country that knew what was happening to the Jews but said they couldn 't help. They said that since we just…

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