The Facts About Free And Reduced Lunches Essay

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The Facts About Free and Reduced Lunches in Relation to Poverty Poverty is an on going problem within the United States. One of the terrifying issues with Poverty is that this problem is not only affecting adults, but children as well. There are numerous polices and issues related to children living in poverty. One of these polices is the National School Lunch Program (NSLP). This policy is federally funded and makes it possible for children living in poverty to get free or reduced lunches. NSLP helps to relieve the issue of hunger in school-aged children whose parents cannot afford to pay for school lunches. This policy is a very common in public school systems. Snyder and Musu-Gillette states, “The National School Lunch Program is the largest federal program for elementary and secondary schools” (2015). NSLP is widely talked about within the media. The media uses the numbers collected of the number of children who receive free or reduced lunches and use that as the soul bases of how many American’s are living in poverty. The problem with what the media is saying is that this policy has more then just children living in poverty using it. The media is reporting incorrect information in regards to the NSLP and the correlation to poverty. Another problem with this program and other programs similar to it is that some people believe that we should not be putting government money into it. An analysis of the news reports in the media and the research statistics indicated that…

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