The Factors That Influence Customers in Their Buying Behavior to Use and Benefit from an Online-Shopping Company Like Amazon.Com

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 Title:
The factors that influence customers in their buying behavior to use and benefit from an online-shopping company like

 Background:
In the Recent years, the trend of E-commerce has grown faster due to the advancement and the easy access of internet. This have conducted customers to shop online from home comfortably and ending up entering worldwide shops with a click of button. People who does live in a small town they do have limited choices of stores so it is a benefit for them to use online shopping for a wider range of stores and/or products and certainly if the shop is not available in their region/and or country. Some consumers like to buy directly from the store instead of online shopping this is something
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• To demonstrate that has a good customer service.
• To determine the benefits of online shopping from

 Method
First of all, I am going to collect and analyze secondary data through the review of articles that discuss the factors that influence the buying behavior of clients to purchase from in order to develop research hypotheses. Then, I will be sending by mail a questionnaire of 10 questions to my family members living in the US and are regular users of who in their turn will distribute the questionnaire to their friends and neighbors. Finally, I will be doing interviews (15 minutes per person) on Skype with some friends living abroad that have used During the Interview, I will be asking questions about their experience while purchasing from Amazon for example delivery service, refunds… etc and I will be taking notes of the answers on a notebook to analyze them later.

 Timescale o Reading the literature: 2 weeks o Finalize objectives: 2 weeks o Draft literature review: 1 week o Read methodology literature: 2 weeks o Devise research approach: 3 weeks o Draft research strategy and method: 1 week o Develop questionnaire: 2 weeks o Revise questionnaire: 1 week o Administer questionnaire: 1 week o Enter data into computer: 2

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