The Factors of Psychology Affecting the Self Esteem of Different People

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I. Self esteem of overweight people

a) Looking–glass self: The looking glass self concept refers to how we are shaped by what others perceive us as. Non-overweight people will be satisfied with their lives since others perception of them will be positive. However, people who are noticeably overweight will not be as satisfied as non-overweight people since what others perception of them will be negative. If others perceive overweight people to be outcasts, then that is what overweight people will feel as since they will not be socially accepted in front of the world. Therefore, overweight people will develop a low self-esteem since they will be criticized for their appearance and overall composure. There fore, it is the truth that,
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You can feel proud when you did something applaudable, and you don’t have to feel bad when there you experience a loss.

II. Self-esteem of women

a) Looking glass self:
Women do get discriminated often against men. All of the negative outcomes from this discrimination lead to the woman’s perception of herself. For example, if the men degrade the women and are always telling them what to do, women will have low self-esteem since they will not feel self-worth. If the men heighten women’s freedom, women will have high self-esteem because they feel they are capable of so much more than just sitting at home. “Perceiving oneself to be a target of prejudice or discrimination has demonstrable, negative impact upon the individual” (Dion). Since women are more sensitive to others’ feelings, others perception of these women becomes weak. Eventually, it becomes a, “corroboration of sexist stereotypes of women as less competent and contribute to the continued stigmatization of women” Kemmelmeier). Usually discrimination does create a negative impact but sometimes it can also trigger a self-regard of your self since women fight back against the prejudice.

b) Upward social comparison:
Women compare themselves with women that are financially, mentally, and physically well of. This lowers there self-esteem since they envision themselves as those women but their dreams are

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