The Factors Influencing Consumer Behavior Essay

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A business requires strategic and competent measures to address challenges and issues impinging on customers to survive stiff competition from other potential organizations through effective marketing. Pricing and marketing information affect customer’s behavior. Other challenges in marketing include the application of old strategies, outsourcing problems, ethical challenges, promotions and services or goods quality. Businesses should thus be dynamic and utilize any information from clients to navigate the business towards the achievement of its goals. Scholars look at marketing as the process of planning and execution of conceptions, prices, promotion of ideas and goods that satisfy organizational and individual goals. There is great connectedness between consumer behaviors and marketing strategies and how this can affect a company or business.
The 4 factors influencing consumer behavior article overview The article focuses on exhibiting the factors affecting consumer’s behavior during the marketing process. Notably, the various factors affection consumer behavior results to marketing challenges. The article is well detailed with customers reactions, customer motivation skills, factors that influence customers purchasing desire, the profitability of a product to another and the significant roles played by customers in successful business following successful marketing strategies application. Basically, the article affirms that cultural, social and personal beliefs can…

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