The Factors Causing The Under Representation Of Women Essay

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The factors causing the under-representation of women in STEM fields.
Through the last 50 years’ women have made remarkable progress in the workplace and through education. Even in many fields like law, business and medicine that were historically dominated by men, women are now rising to the top. However, in areas like Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering(STEM) women gains through education and through the workplace are still slower (Hill, Corbett, and Rose, 2010 p. IX).
The under-representation of women in the fields of STEM is controversial in today’s society, with competing statements of biological and sociocultural connection between women ability’s in the workforce. In this decade and era where women are becoming increasingly more prominent in careers, like medicine, business, and law, so why are so few women becoming scientists and mathematicians. This essay explores the question of why women are underrepresented in the fields of science, technology, engineer and mathematics; and presents a picture of what we know and believe about women in the scientific field. It also explores why women are underrepresented in fields dominated by men as it is believed men and women aren’t equal, this is evident by many factors including, biases, gender discrimination, social influence but not by biology or education. (Hill, Corbett and Rose, 2010 p. IX.)

As technology develops the growth of research increase on the topic of gender difference in Science, Technology,…

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