The Factors And Causes Of The Mexican American War

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The Mexican American War

The United States and Mexico were both newly established countries. Both were less organized than their mother countries. However, one of these two countries had an almost uncontrollable hunger for land expansion. This hunger led to the two countries fighting over true ownership of land. Though the dispute was mainly over claiming land, many other factors helped evolve this fight into the Mexican American War.
The year was 1821. A large territory in the Americas had just recently won their freedom from a higher ranked country. After a long, exhausting, and tedious battle, Mexico finally became free from Spain. Once free to be their own ruler, some government had to be established to keep order. The young country also had to come up with a plan of action to economically recover from the war. The United States was also a newer country at the
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They claimed that Texas couldn’t remain independent for very long without American help. They also insisted that Mexicans greatly outnumbered Texans, so Americans could prove very helpful if the two groups ever fought again. It was also stated that they should consider state-hood since most of them were former Americans anyway. Many Americans were also pro-annexation, even though they knew it could very well mean war with Mexico. They actually welcomed a war because they saw it as a great opportunity to seize even more Mexican territory. Other Americans wanted Texas to be annexed to spread slavery. By having a new slave state, the pro-slavery citizens would have more power in the Senate. Many northern Americans were against annexation of Texas for fear that another slave state would cause the country to divide into two different territories. The country was also hesitant since Mexico continued reminding America that annexing Texas would be considered a defiant act of

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