South Korean Superpowers Essay

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After the rubble of World War II settled, the last two standing superpowers were the United States and the USSR. Korea had been liberated from Japan and was being occupied by the two superpowers. Although there was never an actual war, this period of time was known as the Cold War. It is called this because there was never any real battles fought. This time period held many advancements in warfare and was also a competition between the two superpowers on who had the most power and influence. This competition was very aggressive but neither party wanted another world war to break out. The primary motivations of the superpowers in Korea were to prevent the spread of the opposing side’s ideologies. However each side was hesitant to attack the other. The influence from local pressures like China and Korea caused the two superpowers to get involved. “The Report to the President by the National Security Council” and the “Korean War Documents” provide insight into the …show more content…
The NSC brings up that if they do not back up South Korea it will leave them susceptible to invasion. This could also constitute as a betrayal to not only South Korea but the rest of their allies. The withdrawal could also look bad for not only the US but also the reputation of the United Nations. It could cause their integrity to deteriorate and cause allies to reform in favor of the Soviet Union. In addition, the US was trying to instate the containment of communism. If they backed out it would leave the possibility that Stalin would further spread communist influence. Additionally, the US was in the superpower race with the USSR as well. Although the US had made significant advancements in warfare, technology and media, the USSR was not that far behind. The US wanted to remain the superpower and would not allow the advancement of the USSR. These elements all assisted in convincing the US to partake in aiding South

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